The Christmas Country Fete

Welcome to The Fete 2020 Update.

In 2019 at Lyddington Gardens although we had a fabulous venue which many enjoyed, feedback also identified there were were logistical issues which we listened to and sought to resolve for 2020.

During the lockdown we looked at options to resolve these issues and are delighted and excited to advise this year’s Christmas Country Fete will move back to North Canterbury to the historic  “Amberley House”.

Now in its 150th year Amberley House is one of the few remaining historic Canterbury Homesteads with one of the largest gardens of its type and a warm rich history that has touched so many families.  Joining them in their 150th celebrations reminds us of the special place fetes and days in the country have long held for the people of Canterbury.

Amberley House allows for the carpark and Fete stalls to be side by side with no long walks between the two or steep driveways to navigate.

Both the Fete area and car park are totally flat, so access around the entire Fete and parking area will be easy for everybody.  We will also have a large designated Mobility Parking area right beside The Fete

There will be full mobile access throughout The Fete area ensuring optimum operation of Eft-Pos machines.

The area for The Fete stalls will be made larger, allowing for more room to move around on the day, and much easier access for stallholders vehicles on the day to get in and setup.

The cherry on the top is that the beautiful Amberley House gardens will be open for all attendees and stallholders to walk around and enjoy throughout the day.

With The Christmas Country Fete likely to be one of the first of it kind after Covid-19 lockdowns, we look forward to some great weather so everyone can get out and enjoy the shopping, a beautiful garden, and catch up with family and friends over some wonderful food and drink in a truly remarkable venue.

I am sure this will all lead to a great day out in the country, and I look forward to seeing you all there.


10 am to 4 pm
Venue to be confirmed soon

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