Velvet Ponies

Velvet Ponies is a small boutique range of clothes for girls aged 2 – 10 years brought to The Fete by Charlotte Dillon.

Based from her home in Marlborough Charlotte launched the Velvet ponies label in 2010. Having studied Fashion Design at Christchurch Polytechnic she went on to work in the fashion Industry in London. It has always been a long-term dream to have a children’s clothing label of her own.

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Velvet Ponies expresses Charlotte’s love of colour, using stunning fabrics sourced from around the globe. She loves coordinating colours and details such as ribbons, beads and pockets.

When a new fabric arrives it immediately directs her to what form it will take and the creative process is hard to contain – excitement plus!

Velvet Ponies garments are designed to be timeless with a contemporary twist. Children love to wear clothes that have a sense of fun and occasion.

Using fabrics of such great quality and overseeing the making here in New Zealand ensures their longevity. These are clothes that can take you to the party but also be worn every day! In this throw- away world far too many products disappoint with their lack of performance.

Velvet Ponies is coming to The Christmas Country Fete with bold florals, neon stripes and some fun geometrics, an overall abundance of colour and pattern.







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