Its FIFTEEN DAYS to go until The Christmas Country Fete.

This year we have the pleasure of having the beautiful Starlets playing through our the day for us.

The Starlets are one of New Zealand's leading professional song and dance trios. 
The glamour and song female vocal Trio are - Sarah Greenwood, Sarah Kelly and Georgia Gumbley, will be singing in the main domain and over the lunch period 11.30am to 1.30pm they will be singing in the tennis courts where those that have purchased a White Tie Lunch box will be able to sit and enjoy. 
The White Tie Lunch box can only be purchased online, but it gives you the convenience of pre-purchasing your lunch for the day, which you can collect anytime between 11.30am and 1.30pm, no lines, no waiting just walk on through and you can sit in the Tennis courts and listen to The Starlets playing or continue on shopping. 
White Tie Lunch boxes cost $72.80 incl GST for the Luch box and admission to the Fete

Purchase your tickets on line