The Damson Collection

The Damson Collection grew from an evening spent round Tom and Margie Chambers’ dinner table with friends.  Faced with the deliciousness of damson liqueur on their palates, the desire to introduce everyone to this fabulously flavoured fruit was too huge to ignore.

Thus the decision to, not only grow damsons commercially, but to cook the fruit and sell the final product, was made.[wpspoiler name=”Read More” closebtn=”Close”]

In 2006, Tom planted his first damson orchard in Hawkes Bay.  Since then The Damson Collection has produced such intensely individual products we have won two Cuisine Artisan awards for our Damson Jam and Damson Paste.

The Damson Collection produces a wide range of products.

Paste for eating with cheese

Jam delicious with toast and scones

Jelly ideal for lamb and game

Vinaigrette in a cunning spray bottle for salads

Coulis for desserts, particularly cheesecake

Relish stirred through couscous, and cold meat

Terrine for cheese and antipasto

Cordial a refreshing drink

Chocolates to die for… The Fete girls can vouch for this!!




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