Sall + Co

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Sall + Co are a little company, with a big heart and lots of passion. They are a family team of creative talents, who design and make their clothing with love, right here in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Creative blood seems to run in the family, and what started as a small idea has grown fast! The whole family is involved and is loving the journey. Sall + Co designs clothing for the teenage market, and who knows the teenage market better than the prospective customers? So, it is quite handy having teenagers involved in the company. Sall + Co are also expanding into the adult market, which is very exciting!

They laugh, and share ideas, and together they come up with wonderful clothes that look amazing. The clothing is also comfortable and top quality, with the fabric feeling wonderful to wear – because they are made for living in. Sall + Co also work with limited numbers in each design, with a limited fabric run – so stock is always changing!

Sall + Co will be at this year’s Fête at A44. You can also visit their Facebook page