Red Manuka Jewellery

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Living in the beautiful Golden Bay, Martyn Milligan, RedManuka Jewellery designer and maker’s work has gained an increasing nationwide following since 1995.Working from his small Rinopai workshop, on the fringe of the Kahurangi National Park, Martyn reaches into his experience of living in the bush; to bring small tokens of shape, colour and association to his workbench.

From his earliest 1995 Kōwhaiwhai series, to last year’s Pōhutukawa and RedManuka series, Martyn strives to locate his design, in the unique environment in which we live. With an ease using tools, and employing traditional and modern techniques, Martyn will switch from his hammer and file, to his 3D printer; and blend the processes to create his pieces, whilst maintaining something of the inspiration in each design.

Previewing at The Fête this year, will be the new Heketara and Kawakawa pieces, as well as a range that shows that the full extent of Martyn’s career, as a designer and maker. RedManuka will be at this year’s Fête, in Marquee 9. You can also visit their Facebook page