Prem Tyler Handweaving

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Artisan Weaver Prem Tyler creates unique wearable textiles, woven by hand from fibres that are farmed, dyed and spun in New Zealand. Each unique piece is woven by Prem on a wooden floor loom and finished by hand, in her studio at Maraetai Beach in East Auckland.

Prem is inspired by traditional weaving practices, from around the world to make beautiful heirloom textiles that can be worn and used, while making as small of an impact as possible on our environment in the process. Prem is committed to using New Zealand yarn wherever possible – merino, possum, alpaca and angora, which are all grown here. As well as European linen and Japanese vintage cotton and silk. She has spent the winter at the loom and will be bringing a selection of unique wearable weavings for women, and sometimes men, as well as blankets to this year’s Fête.

Prem Tyler Handweaving will be at this year’s Fête at A10. You can also visit her Facebook page