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Its THREE WEEKS to go until The Christmas Country Fete.

Kin Workshop are another awesome stall that will be at The Christmas Country Fete

Kin Workshop is the creative space of Christchurch fabric sculptor Judi McConway.  All of her works are original and styles are evolving based on whichever materials are to hand.  Many materials are recycled or repurposed.  Sprites are made from rescued discount store dolls.  Ballerinas and Climbers begin their life as a simple wire frame.  The use of fabrics of different textures, together with embellishments (many of which are handmade), brings each piece to life.

Sprites are strong young women.

Climbers are going places.

Ballerinas are graceful and sometimes a little naughty.

They are all surprising and fun. Meet them all at The Fete.

Don't forget to buy your tickets to the Christmas Country Fete and White Tie Lunch box on line at