Kanuka Glen Art

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Kanuka Glen Art’s rustic masterpieces are true representations of our native kiwi birdlife. Living and working rurally, John Jepson, along with wife Leanne and resident canine Mosko, overlook the Orinoco Valley, on the outskirts of Motueka. “We have a beautiful gully of Kanuka trees where there is an abundance of native bird life. It’s a very calming place to be and I can find plenty of inspiration there for my art work.”
Best known for his beautiful images of native birds on macrocarpa, for John, it all starts with a piece of timber. Old cottages, broken apple bins from his local orchard, some even from his own home – there’s never a shortage of this understated rustic material, from in and around his rural community. After thoughtfully selecting the perfect canvas, it’s up and at ‘Em at 4:30am (eek!) to begin drawing. “Creating is such a great escape for me and I love every minute of it.”
Kanuka Glen Art will be at this year’s Fête, at A22. You can also visit their Facebook page