Derrett Sculptures

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Bruce could never pass a garage sale or recycle shop without stopping. So, after collecting for many years, it was time to give his dream of being a metal artist, a go. Bruce started his small business ‘Derrett Sculptures’ in 2012, in his garage in Motueka; turning all kinds of junk into treasures.

Along with quirky creatures, funky furniture and striking sculptures for the garden. Bruce uses old tools, engine parts, chains, kitchen appliances, and sewing and knitting machines. He also uses broken wooden bowls, old garden tools, and the list goes on! Nearly everything is recycled, with most of the objects used for the sculptures headed for the landfill – but is rescued and given a new life as art pieces.

Derrett Sculptures will be at this year’s Fête, in Marquee 9. You can also visit their Facebook page