A Christmas Angel – A Handmade Heirloom Treasure

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Living in the beautiful city of Christchurch and inspired by the natural and pure surrounds, Gabrielle has created a unique Christmas Angel that reflects her commitment to quality craftsmanship and patience, to create a one of a kind piece.

As Gabrielle attempted to establish significant and lasting memories for her young family, she identified a desire to create a quality heirloom Christmas Angel, that her family would treasure and had all the significant and wonderful memories of Christmas. Her desire was for something beautiful, simple and elegant to become a part of her family’s Christmas tradition.

Gabrielle has a passion to keep her products as pure and organic as possible; this means that each Angel takes a considerable time to hand-craft. The Angels are completely needle and wet felted, using only pure New Zealand wool and silk – without the use of other glues or threads. This combination results in a structurally sound, yet wonderful elegant product. In addition, genuine Swarovski crystals and wired bead lighting is entangled throughout the Angel’s dresses, up to their halos. Gabrielle’s Christmas Angels are truly worthy of becoming a family’s very own handmade heirloom treasure.

A Christmas Angel – A Handmade Heirloom Treasure will be at this year’s Fête, in Marquee 2. You can also visit their Facebook page