2014 FMG Demonstration Tent –
Michael Van de Elzen

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We are very excited to announce Michael Van de Elzen, celebrity television chef, presenting in this year’s Demonstration Marquee sponsored by FMG Insurance.

Mike is passionate about creating healthy food which is fast and cost effective. He started his career with food at only 14 and has had some remarkable success.
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He has been on many different adventures, including working with the acclaimed Terrance Conan in the UK, head chef in a small luxury hotel which earned a Michelin star, opening his own restaurants in Auckland and becoming a Kiwi household name on T.V. He will give two presentations in the FMG Demonstration Marquee. Nutritious and delicious food will be his theme. These are free to attend and will be at 10.45am & 2pm. For some more stories, recipes and information head to www.vandeelzen.com michael


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