Dr Libby at the Fête!

We are very excited to announce Dr Libby Weaver (Ph.D) presenting in this year’s FMG Demonstration Tent. Dr Libby has been dubbed Australasia’s superstar of all things health and nutrition. As the best-selling author of Accidentally Overweight, Rushing Woman’s Syndrome and The Real Food Chef. Dr Libby travels the world as a keynote speaker and holds seminars and workshops as a specialist in weight loss, women’s health and optimum nutrition to audiences in the thousands. Demonstrations are on at 10:45am and 2:00pm. Free entry.

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Dr Libby combines 14 years of University, 15 years of clinical practice and two decades of personal experience into her unique approach to holistic health. She is a captivating speaker and is passionate about empowering people to make optimum health choices that transform lives.

Libby completed her Ph.D examining biochemical and nutritional factors in children with autism at The University of Newcastle, Australia, the outcomes of which have affected the way in which the condition is treated in Australia, and now also in New Zealand.

It was through this work that Libby came to better understand the role various hormones play in influencing our body shape and size, our appetites, our responses to exercise and stress, clarity of thought, sleep patterns and a host of other behaviours.

Working in two of Australia’s leading health retreats, sharing these insights, Libby’s concepts were often described as “life-changing”. She reaches a broad range of people from university students, businessmen and women and stay-at-home parents, to prominent sportspeople and Hollywood stars.



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