Bespoke Buckles

Sarah Geary brings Bespoke Buckles to The Fete this year. In her spare time Sarah designed and made belt buckles, firstly for herself, then for friends who bought them for themselves and for gifts.

The idea for the buckles came from the frustration of not being able to find a beautiful belt to wear with a favourite pair of jeans. Sarah wanted something that was elegant, sophisticated and rich in colour, a statement piece that would look great with faded[wpspoiler name=”Read More” closebtn=”Close”]

denim and jandals but could look stunning teamed with a suit and some killer heels.

Since returning to New Zealand 2 years ago and settling in the Bay of Islands, what started as a hobby in London for herself, has now turned into a small business. She has flung her energy into creating a beautiful new range of customized belts with inter-changeable buckles. The buckles have been inlaid with patterns Sarah has collected and sourced from the countries she has visited on her travels.

The collection consists of small details from textiles, ceramics, wallpapers, stained glass patterns and tapestries, spanning centuries of decorative design, breathing fresh life into patterns that are rich in heritage and cultural reference. Each buckle design has been accentuated with a delicate sprinkle of genuine Sworovski Crystals from Austria.

At the moment Sarah says she’s feverishly creating new buckles to have ready for The Fete (all of which can be viewed on the Bespoke Buckles website But best of all there will be a mighty 20% off the online price at Culverden on the day. So the only really tricky bit is actually choosing which buckle is your favourite!


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