2020 Health, Skin and Beauty Products Stallholders


Natural, eco-friendly small sized products or kits which are perfect for everyday or weekends away

Tancreds Park

Luxurious soaps and shampoos and specialised eco-friendly feminine hygiene products.

Global Soap

Beautiful natural soap products hand made in Nelson. All new natural solid deodorant bar.


Effective skin, muscle and joint products including new bath salts and skin cleanser range

Sweet Escape

Handmade bath and body products

Luxi Buff Natural Skincare

Artisan soap and natural skincare which is good for you and good for our world including bath salts and shaving soap

Two Birds One Stone Skincare

Clean, luxurious and beautiful skincare products where every ingredient counts.  Perfected for aromatic healing and skin nurturing to provide confidence for calmer, healthier, more radiant looking skin

Oriwa Naturals – Isobel Olives

100% natural products made from extra virgin olive oil including luxurious soap/shampoo bar, dog shampoo bar, lip and baby balm and beard oil

Mama Love Collective

Beautiful gifts to support, inspire and empower mothers to nurture their mental wellbeing.

Plumage Natural Skincare

Luxurious natural skincare, handmade by plant lovers on the Kekerengu Coast of New Zealand