The Vagabond Chefs

Christchurch’s favourite festival food – Asian style kiwi classics

The Naked Baker and Orgazmik Coffee

The best freshly roasted coffee in town alongside freshly baked pastries

Cannonhill Gourmet

Fresh selection of Turkish rolls, salads, ploughman’s platters and non alcoholic lemon spritzers. Mini cheesecakes.

Fritz’s Wieners

German style Bratwurst served up in a crusty baguette.

G’s Pimms

G’s Pimms cocktail served fresh, garnished with mint, lemon and orange. Non-alcoholic cocktail and beer also available.

Flip’s Pancakes

100% homemade pancakes with toppings made from fresh seasonable produce. Also delicious savoury vegetarian options

Bean Buzz Coffee

Delicious fresh coffee to make your day at the Fete a memorable experience

The Rollin’ Pedaler

Scooped ice cream in waffle cones along with ice cream cookie sandwiches and dairy free ice cream in 145ml tubs

Chiang Mai Thai Foods

Thai cuisine, curries, finger food, vegetarian options and slushies

Liquid Velvet Coffee

Fair Trade organic coffee, hot chocolate and chai using eco compostable cups and lids

Pita Pit Mobile

Fresh and healthy Pita Pit and new kids burger

Banh mi Baby

Vietnamese Banh mi rice bowls, iced coffee and delicious healthy street food options

Strawberry Devine

Delicious real fruit ice creams using quality fruit – berries, Black Doris plums and more

Wild Az

Pork Belly Burgers, Venison and Bacon Burgers, Guacamole and Corn Chips and loaded Guacamole

Arin Sushi and Dumplings

Homemade dumplings, kebabs, sushi and chicken pops

Crazy Spuds

Spiral potatoes on long sticks, fried and seasoned with different flavours


Hungarian fried bread with a range of different toppings

Little Hungary

Delicious, authentic Hungarian cuisine

Friendly Fantail

Canterbury’s super yummy organic Turmeric latte mix.

Smoke n Barrel

Texas BBQ – slow smoked meats served in fresh baps with homemade salad and sauces

Daisie and Lime

A variety of cakes, cup cakes, macarons and fudge and other sweet treats